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Kyle McCaig  |  Saskatchewan  |  2016-10-18

Both the sales and service departments are excellent at Saskatoon Mitsubishi. Last year I had purchased 2014 Lancer from Tyler Knudsen and the experience was terrific; he didn't pressure me into anything and answered every single one of my questions. I recently upgraded to a Ralliart and even though i didn't purchase it from there they still treat me very well. The service department is fast and professional. I don't really trust taking my car anywhere else for service. Tyler, Al, and everyone else do a great job. This review is very long overdue, keep up the great work guys!

Evan Komarniski  |  SK  |  2016-12-21

I came here three separate times to find the vehicle that was right for me. I dealt with Trent, and he was very straight forward with what was right for me. Test drove a few vehicles, met with the manager of the business and he was able to get me a great deal on a new Lancer! Didn't feel forced to buy, everything was explained clearly and definitely the best dealership experience I've had. Great job to Trent and the rest of the Mitsubishi team!

Sam Barsi  |  SK  |  2015-01-12

Most dealerships pressured me into a purchase or pryed too much, but at Mitsubishi it's very calm and friendly. I felt no pressure to buy whatsoever, but bought anyway because of the amazing customer service, great warranty, etc. I still love my 2014 Limited Lancer ;) My first recommendation, obviously. I should also mention that Tyler helped me out the whole way. Amazing guy!

Katrine G  |  SK  |  2015-05-26

Great experience! Friendly staff, they treat you with the best service you deserve.

Tyler MacKenzie  |  SK  |  2015-01-12

Great sales staff. They are all about helping the customer!

Brenna K  |  SK  |  2015-05-15

Everything went swimmingly with my experience. Tyler and the team in the garage did a fantastic job taking care of my vehicle. 

Darren S  |  SK  |  2015-05-15

Everything was fantastic as it usually is whenever I’ve had to bring in my vehicle to Mitsubishi. The 1 thing I appreciated the most was that,  It was explained to me that I will need to have my rear differential flushed but was not pressured into getting it serviced at this time as it’s not the biggest of deals at the moment. I do plan on having this done on my next visit but really do appreciate not being talked into getting it done immediately which has happened to me in the past dealing with a different dealership that will remain nameless.

Richard R  |  SK  |  2015-05-15

I was happy with the work that was done on my vechile last week I thought the service was quick and no surprises. I will be back.

Terry W  |  SK  |  2015-05-15

They treat me so well in the service dept and always very pleased with the work they do for me. Even the Sales are always willing to stop n chat and llisten to any questions... really am pleased with my car and also the great team that works at Saskatoon Mitsubishi.


Melissa P  |  SK  |  2015-05-15

The service department is always so helpful, and accommodating. I will be back.

Brittany C  |  SK  |  2015-05-26

LOVE our new outlander thanks so much Jeremy and everyone at Mitsubishi! ☺

Royce B  |  SK  |  2015-05-26

Many Thanks to Jeremy, Patricia and Chase...